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To provide a high performance training environment that allows each athlete to reach their potential and pursue post-secondary volleyball opportunities.

To develop female youth volleyball across Canada and influence a young generation of leaders through the sport of volleyball as we strive to place every athlete in a university, college and/or national team program that allows them to reach their full potential.


The Dino Club operates on the following three values. 

Athlete Development

At the Dinos Club, winning medals and taking home trophies is secondary to long term athlete development. The Dinos program offers training as priority. We offer high performance training methods and elite competition within each practice. We develop and train the following areas: technical and tactical skills, knowledge of the game, intensified physical, mental and nutritional training.

Role Modeling

Our goal is to prepare athletes for success in both sport and life. One of the ways we do this, is by recruiting strong successful female volleyball coaches who through their own experiences, support and develop the next generation of volleyball players. All of our coaches have experienced first hand the effort and commitment it takes in order to reach the top of the sport, and they build their coaching style and passion on their post-secondary, National Team and Professional Team experiences.  They invest in more than just volleyball skills, they teach our athletes to cope with pressure, build confidence, balance multiple commitments, strive for academic success and live a life of integrity.

Post Secondary

The Dinos Club is dedicated to finding a post-secondary home for every athlete in our system by educating and informing them on the recruiting process. Our club coaches have extensive knowledge, experience and relationships with Canadian post-secondary educational institutions. 

Mission, Vision & Values
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