COVID-19 Dinos Club Protocols & Policies

  • All teams are required to wait outside for their coach to arrive. 

  • Coaches will ensure all athletes check-in and pass the daily wellness check (questionnaire and temperature). Participants are not permitted to take their own temperature, this must be completed by their head coach or a JVC staff member. Participants, coaches and spectators will NOT be permitted to enter JVC if they have a fever or if they do not pass the wellness check. 

  • If you have ANY symptoms of Covid-19 (eg. runny nose, sore throat, cough, rash, loss of smell/taste) or are not feeling well. DO NOT COME TO TRAINING. 

  • Teams may only enter 5 minutes before their booking and only if a JVC staff member informs them their court is ready. If the court is still occupied, teams must wait until the prior group has left and the court has been fully sanitized. 

  • Teams must enter together with their coach. 

  • Coaches and athletes are required to immediately make their way to their assigned court where they can drop their bags and get ready. Getting ready in the foyer, washrooms, on spectator chairs or other on courts is not permitted. 

  • Athletes/Coaches who are late to their session must contact their coach to let them know when they arrive. Their coach will meet them outside so that they can be screened prior to entry. Athletes cannot enter JVC without being screened. 

  • After training sessions, teams/groups are required to sanitize and wipe down their balls, ball cart, benches, postpads, antenna and any other training tools used with surface disinfectant. Surface disinfectant is provided on each court in a large clearly labelled spray bottle. This will require groups to take 5 minutes at the end of their booking time to complete the sanitization. 

  • Coaches and athletes must then leave JVC promptly. 

  • Upon exit we ask all athletes/coaches to wash their hands and arms (up to their elbows) with soap and water in the washrooms.

  • During water breaks, all athletes/coaches are required to spray their hands and arms with hand sanitizer before they open their water bottles. Sanitizer is located at every bench in the smaller spray bottles. 

  • Masks are required in JVC. Athletes and coaches may remove their masks once they arrive at their assigned court. Masks are required while walking to and from your court, filling up water bottles and using the washrooms.  

  • Everyone who enters JVC will be required to sign the daily log book with their name and contact information as a part of the JVC Emergency Action Plan.

Coaching Code of Conduct Policy 

Our coaches are expected to adhere to the Volleyball Alberta Code of Conduct Policy.

  • I will participate in volleyball alcohol and drug free.

  • I will ensure that all players receive equal instruction and support. My main objective will be to develop their skills to the best of my ability.

  • I will teach my players to participate fairly in the spirit of good sportsmanship, and to respect the rules, coaches, officials, and opponents.

  • I will never use violence or bad language, nor will I harass players, coaches, officials, or other spectators. I will express my disapproval in an appropriate manner to the proper officials, club and Volleyball Alberta contacts.

  • I will be open and honest with athletes and parents about my coaching philosophy, particularly regarding playing time and the athlete’s role on the team.

  • I will ensure the team is properly supervised at all times for their safety and to ensure they are behaving to the standards set by the team and/or association.

  • I will lead by example and demonstrate good sportsmanship and leadership qualities. I will not yell at officials but work cooperatively with them for the benefit of the game.

  • I will be reasonable when setting practices, games and curfews, and will keep the athletes/teams’ best interests in mind. 



Coaching Ethics & Expectation Policy

Our coaches are expected to adhere to the NCCP Ethical Principles and their corresponding Behaviours/Expectations.


Physical safety and health of athletes

  • Ensure that training or competition site is safe at all times

  • Be prepared to act quickly and appropriately in case of emergency

  • Avoid placing athletes in situations presenting unnecessary risk or that are beyond their level

  • Strive to preserve the present and future health and well-being of athletes

Coaching responsibly

  • Make wise use of the authority of the position and make decisions in the interest of athletes

  • Foster self-esteem among athletes

  • Avoid deriving personal advantage for a situation or decision

  • Know one’s limitations in terms of knowledge and skills when making decisions, giving instructions or taking action

  • Honour commitments, word given, and agreed objectives

  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of personal information and use it appropriately

Integrity in relations with others

  • Avoid situations that may affect objectivity or impartiality of coaching duties

  • Abstain from all behaviours considered to be harassment or inappropriate relations with an athlete

  • Always ensure decisions are taken equitably


  • Ensure that everyone is treated equally, regardless of athletic potential, race, sex, language, religion, or age

  • Preserve the dignity of each person in interacting with others

  • Respect the principles, rules, and policies in force

  • Honouring sport Strictly observe and ensure observance of all regulations

  • Aim to compete fairly

  • Maintain dignity in all circumstances and exercise self-control

  • Respect officials and accept their decisions without questioning their integrity 

Conflict Resolution Policy

The Jr. Dino Women's Volleyball Club Executive Team recognizes that conflicts and concerns do arise. They are committed to ensuring concerns are heard and that a resolution is found. The following guidelines should be taken when a conflict arises. 

*If the conflict does not pertain to an athlete, parent or team, all concerns can be addressed directly to the Executive Director. 

*If the conflict does not immediately impact the well-being of the athlete or parent, we ask that parties involved wait 24 hours before contacting coaches. 

  • Step 1: Athlete contacts the Coach 

    • After 24 hours, athletes should contact their coach asking for a meeting and outlining what it is they would like to discuss. 

    • Meetings should take place outside of normal practice/game hours. 

    • Parents are welcome to communicate with Coaches when their daughter is unable to provide them with sufficient details surrounding their question/concern. ​

If a resolution is not found after the initial step, the following step can be taken. ​

  • Step 2: Parent contacts the Coach

    • The parent should contact the coach through email requesting a meeting and outlining what they believe still needs to be addressed and how they would like to see the conflict resolved. 

    • Meetings should take place outside of normal practice/game hours. 

    • Coaches will inform the Executive Director that a meeting is taking place. 

If the parties reach agreement on a resolution at this meeting there is no need for further action. The coaches will inform the Executive Director that a resolution has been found. 

If a resolution is not found, the following steps should be taken.

  • Step 3: Parent contacts the Executive Director

    • The parents should contact the Executive Director through email requesting a meeting ​and outlining what they believe still needs to be addressed and how they would like to see the conflict resolved. 

    • A meeting will be set up with the Executive Director and the Club President. 

    • If a resolution is found, the Executive Director and Club President will inform the coach of the outcome.

    • If a resolution is not found, the Executive Director and Club President will discuss with the coach and a resolution will be made. 


Concussion Policy​

We follow the Volleyball Alberta Concussion and Awareness Protocols. All of our Head Coaches have completed Concussion Training and will follow the appropriate steps required to identify a concussion, allow correct rest and rehabilitation, and return an athlete to the learn and play stages. More information can be found on the Concussion Awareness & Protocol website.